Jules Cseszkó / Willem van der Vis

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The orchestra began in mid-1997 as a very small group of musicians, several of whom had worked years before with George Logie-Smith, our first Director. From March 2000 we enjoyed the guidance of Christopher Martin, whose reputation attracted many more players, and we grew to some 55 members, including several ex-MSO members and many enthusiastic and skilled amateur musicians. Our conductors are Gyula [Jules] Cseszkó and Willem Van Der Vis. We give 3 concerts a year and since 2012 have followed our final concert with visits to at least 1 Primary school in the region, choosing schools with little or no music education programs. These have been enthusiastically received, and the players enjoy the experience of interacting with the children. We hope to continue this practice in the future.

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We are in need of additional viola players for our 2019 concerts. Players should have experience in orchestral playing. We rehearse on Thursday mornings - see our rehearsals page. If this sounds like it might suit you please email Of course, if you are play violin we'd also love to hear from you!

The Players

First Violin

Leader Jaynee Russell-Clarke
Joan Abbott, Margaret Boyle, Rudolph Dombrovski, Jonathan Hicks, Karen Love, Dorothy Oakley, Marcella Petersen, Mangala Ruddy, Elizabeth Torrance, Mary-Helen Woods

Second Violin
Graeme Barker [Principal], Bibi Aickin, Irene Ayton, Loris Balderson, Margaret Brauer, Prue Brown, Jasmine Brunner, Anne Byrne, Brian Mee, Beth Stengards, Margaret Wu
Graeme Croft, Angela Glover, John Hughes


Faye Goldsmith [Principal], Heather Ambrose,Gina Cowling,
Barbara Hetherington, Rick McQueen-Thomson, Marian Neal, Claire Sheppard, Helen Wilkinson

Double Bass
Earle Hunter [Principal], Bill Clark, Sid Cowling, Nick Reynolds
Flute & Piccolo
Mary Keusgen [Principal], Annette Sloan, Jo Stewart
Terry Smith [Principal], Elspeth Noxon

Heather Crockart, Phillip Norris

Barbara Trauer [Principal], Rob Weiss


French Horn
Brian Sorenson, Robyn Sorenson, Michele Hancock, David Keeffe*
Barry McKimm [Principal], Nicholas Day-Lewis, Peter Graham
Michael Cousins, David MacArthur
Naham Warhaft
Christine Flood*
Roslyn Evans*, Peter Robb*
* denotes guest players